Dutch bike

My first blog in English. I’m gonna write about my favourite dies for papercraft. I’m an independent blogger, with absolutely no sponsors or other ties!!! The only thing I want, is to show you my cards, made with Dutch Dies. (And of course you could always try to buy them online in a crafshop…)
vaderdagkaart diydiva
Talked enough, here’s my first card with a typical Dutch bike. It’s called a “granny bike”… There’s a crate on the frontside, which is very popular here at the moment.The watermark shows that this card was also published on my other blog http://mar10creatief.blogspot.nl (in Dutch, but with a Google Translate gadget, so you could take a look there…).I used this die:
– bike (or in Dutch: “fiets”) made by Marianne Design (Creatable LR 0233)

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